Customers, stores adjust to new limit on shoppers


Stores that are still open in Ohio will have to cap the number of customers inside at any given time to prevent the spread of COVID-19

AUSTINTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Starting Tuesday, Ohio stores that are still open must take additional steps to keep shoppers safe. The big change is limiting the number of people inside at one time.

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Some establishments, like Walmart, have already put some of those tough guidelines in place.

Walmart stores across the country started limiting the number of customers inside at one time on Saturday. The Walmart in Austintown was no exception.

“I do notice that they are kind of keeping a headcount for those people who are coming in and I do notice they’re keeping track of people coming out,” said Cody McCormick, a shopper.

Customers we talked to said the store was ready to keep everyone healthy.

“They do have Clorox wipes available to wipe down the grocery carts and I do think that people are taking it more seriously,” Matthew Ellis said. “I see a lot more masks and a lot more gloves, so that’s definitely a good thing to see.”

The Austintown Walmart is being extra careful at the registers, too.

“People were keeping their distance. There was a person at the counter regulating who goes in when, so there was that. It was nice,” Sara Kauffman said.

Traffic was somewhat light when our news crew was there Monday afternoon. Customers agreed the store’s procedures may be tougher to follow with more people in the store.

“I think that right now, it’s not as really as high-volume,” McCormick said. “I think when it starts rolling out, we’re really going to start seeing it pick up and an increase in the line.”

Giant Eagle is also taking steps to keep its customers safe. It’s capping the number of customers in its stores at any given time. The maximum occupancy will be posted on each store’s door.

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