COLUMBUS (WKBN) – The list of people eligible to get the COVID-19 vaccine in Ohio expands Thursday.

Ohio is opening up its Phase 1C and Phase 2 rollout.

The new phases make nearly 941,000 Ohioans eligible to receive the vaccine. About 246,000 are eligible in the 1C group and nearly 700,000 are eligible in Phase 2.

These people include those with type 1 diabetes, those who are pregnant, bone marrow transplant recipients and people with ALS.

Gov. Mike DeWine also announced people working certain jobs can get the vaccine, including childcare workers, those working funeral services, law enforcement and corrections officers.

Ohio is also moving to Phase 2 of its vaccination program, meaning those 60 and older can get vaccinated.

DeWine said Ohio will be getting 100,000 doses of the new Johnson & Johnson vaccine this week.

When combined with Moderna and Pfizer, it’ll mean 450,000 vaccines total coming this week. That’s Ohio’s largest weekly increase since the vaccinations started.

“There’s still significant demand out there but, frankly, we felt knowing all the vaccine that is coming in, very significant increase and there is available of sites right now in Ohio, we felt it was time to expand the group that is eligible,” DeWine said.

Bob Sloan and John Kinney are in Phase 2. They said they felt a big sense of relief when they found out they’re now eligible for the shot.

“I want to get active again. I want to start volunteering again. I want to be involved with my friends and travel,” Sloan said. “I just retired and I don’t want to stay at home. I want to get out.”

“This last year, we’ve been hoping for the vaccine so we can just move just a little bit more toward getting back to the way things used to be,” Kinney said.

DeWine said they’ll continue to focus on dropping the age when the time comes, however, they are still not sure if they’ll add more people in certain jobs.