COVID-19 numbers have held steady over past month in Mahoning Co. and across Ohio


There haven't been any huge drops or rises in the number of cases or additional deaths

(WKBN) – It’s been just over two weeks since Ohio started reopening, so we dug deeper into the trends of COVID-19 over the past month.

There haven’t been any huge drops or rises. For the most part, the numbers are holding steady.

In Mahoning County, there were 221 new cases four weeks ago, then it fell to 137, then fell even further to 101 but rose back to 131 last week.

Hospitalizations in Mahoning County are trending down. They were in the mid-teens over the past two weeks, but rose to 22 last week.

Additional deaths fell in the county last week. For the past three weeks, they were in the mid-20s. In the past week, 14 people died.

In Ohio, the total number of new cases fell a little last week to 3,715 and rose again this week to 4,003. For the past month, it’s averaged around 4,000 new cases a week.

Hospitalizations across Ohio are down. Four weeks ago, there were 631. It then fell to 566 and rose to 580 but last week, there were 502 — a 20% drop from four weeks ago.

Additional deaths in Ohio are ranging from 233 to 258 a week, so they’ve also been holding steady over the past four weeks.

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