COVID-19 hospitalizations on the rise in Ohio


Last week, June 21-27, was the first increase in COVID-19-related hospitalizations in over two months

COLUMBUS (WCMH) – Hospitalizations due to the COVID-19 coronavirus are on the rise in Ohio.

Last week, June 21-27, was the first increase in COVID-19-related hospitalizations in over two months, Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine said during a statehouse briefing Monday.

DeWine said last week, there were between 500 to 550 total COVID-19 patients in Ohio’s hospitals. This week, however, that number is around 650.

“We have to go back, since late April was the last time we had this much, so we’re starting to go up slightly,” he said.

The peak for ICU beds occupied by COVID-19 patients peaked in late April-early May at approximately 1,000 cases, DeWine said. It reached a low on June 20 of about 513 patients.

The state remains below ICU bed and ventilator capacity, the governor added.

“No region, no region has reached a concern threshold of 80 percent (ICU occupancy), which is when hospitals start getting concerned,” DeWine said.

The numbers don’t represent daily hospital admissions, but represent how many total hosptializations there are for that day.

“We keep track of how many go in each day, but we also keep track of what the hospital capacity is and how many are in the hospital,” DeWine said.

The increase in hospitalizations is most apparent in regions 2, 3, and 6, which consist of Cleveland, Dayton and Cincinnati.

“In other regions of the state, the COVID occupancy had been declining,” DeWine said. “But now it appears to have leveled off.”

The hospitalizations in the Dayton and Cincinnati regions includes both standard beds and ICU beds.

DeWine cited increased cases in New York City, Houston, and Arizona as a sign that these numbers can increase quickly.

As of Monday, a total of 51,046 (+737) cases were reported in Ohio since the pandemic began, leading to 2,818 (+11) deaths and 7,746 hospitalizations.

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