CANFIELD, Ohio (WKBN) – Ohio Governor Mike DeWine has said guidelines for county fairs would come soon. But so far, there’s been nothing.

Canfield Fair Board Member George Roman stood before a group of donors Wednesday evening and talked about what’s on a lot of minds.

“You just can’t believe how many times the board members walk down the street or go to another event and people come up and say, ‘Hey, are you having a fair again?'” Roman said.

And while DeWine has yet to say fairs are a go, Roman is confident there will be a Canfield Fair this year, in some form.

“Absolutely, absolutely,” he said.

Last year’s Canfield Fair was limited to a Junior Fair only. But the fair people want is what they had before the pandemic, and Roman knows that may not be possible just yet.

“I think most of the people in our community, and every state around, they’re going to be wearing masks somewhere along the line for a while, but they just want the ability and the right to go out,” Roman said.

Roman’s number one priority is finding a way to have grandstand acts. He said it’s a big draw for the fair, and a lot of people come out for that entertainment.

“A lot of people just come on weekends. They come to both shows, Sunday and Monday, and if they don’t have a show to view, they may not come to the fair at all,” Roman said.

DeWine’s current guidelines are 30% capacity for outdoor events and 25% for indoor events. That’s not enough for the grandstand.

“We cannot do it. You’ve seen JAC can’t do it at the Covelli Centre because when you are paying hundreds of thousands of dollars for the entertainment group, you need butts in the seats, and you can’t afford to do that with 2,000 people,” Roman said.

The Ohio Fair Managers Association has recommended these guidelines to the Governor:

  • 50% percent capacity in the grandstand, a number Roman said is a work in progress
  • Encouraging on line ticket sales for rides
  • Discouraging large gathering in the midways.
  • Six feet of social distancing around concession stands and games.