CANFIELD, Ohio (WKBN) – Canfield elected officials came together Friday to discuss their plan to stop the spread of COVID-19.

City officials launched a Blue Ribbon COVID-19 Task Force.

As cases continue to rise, Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine urged local communities to make their own defense against the virus.

“It sounds cliché that we are in this together, but that is what it will take because just one person could spread it throughout Canfield,” said Canfield Mayor Richard Duffet.

Duffet and his team are putting together a plan and a task force to help reduce virus spread.

“In the two days we tried to put this together, nearly everybody was here and said they would be on the task force,” Duffet said.

With the holiday season approaching, the task force emphasized that people should avoid getting together. The task force also believes that masks will help stop the spread of COVID-19, but thinks that for some, it’s not the answer.

“I think what is happening in our society is it’s become a political football and that was wrong,” Duffet said.

State Representative Al Cutrona, R-59th District, says although there’s been a rise in case numbers, the mortality rate and time spent in the hospital have dropped.

“Our physicians in our hospitals are now using drugs we didn’t previously, which are extremely helpful. We are using Remdesivir, and we are really having a good opportunity to really end this thing,” Cutrona said.

Duffet reiterates mask wearing as the community and nation continues to battle the virus.

“We need to reach the people to say come on and put on that mask and have a couple in your car. You just can’t take the chance. It’s about life or death,” Duffet said.