Barbershops and salons prepare to open up next Friday


Even with all the excitement, shops are taking the necessary precautions to prepare for the new norm

SALEM, Ohio (WKBN) – Barbershops and salons are set to open up next Friday in Ohio and businesses in the Valley are excited to get back up and running.

It’s no secret that this pandemic has shown us a new side of ourselves, no eating out, no parties and especially no haircuts.

Many can’t wait to get back to their favorite barbershops and hair salons.

Barber Austin Davis, owner of Brian’s Barber Shop in Salem, is excited to get back to his chair.

“I can’t wait to get in the shop. There are people on social media texting and calling me just wanting to know how we’re going to go about it, whether we’re doing appointments or call-ins and how they can get in the shop as quick as possible, man,” Davis said.

He says that even with all the excitement, shops are taking the necessary precautions to prepare for the new norm.

“From talking to people in the industry, everyone seems like we’re going the same direction. Everyone is on board with wearing the masks and wearing gloves,” Davis said.

But while shops are reopening, things might look a little different when you got to get a cut.

“They’ve completely eliminated all common areas and all waiting room areas. It’s only one client to one barber at a time in the barbershop,” Davis said.

Many barbershops have their own procedures on how they will take clients.

Davis also had new procedures for his own shop.

“They’ll come in, sign in and leave their name and phone number. They can go out to their car or go home if they live close, and then we’re going to text or call them before the next person gets in the chair. They will wait for the next guy to come out, and then we will let them know when they can come in,” he said. “We’re going to have a hand sanitizing station outside. We’re also encouraging all of our customers to wear a mask, but we aren’t going to make it mandatory.”

Although we’re still battling this virus, Davis says he’s just glad to be able to get back to doing what he loves.

“When you love something and you’re passionate about what you do, when they take it away and you can’t do it everyday like you usually do, it makes you grateful and appreciate it a little more and get ready to get back to it,” Davis said.

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