Although COVID-19 numbers fell this past week, the amount is still high locally and statewide


For every person who dies from COVID-19 in Ohio, 43 people recover

(WKBN) – We’ve been telling you lately how the COVID numbers have been going up, but we’re also seeing areas where they’re going down.

The first numbers we’re going to look at are those statewide, where cases and deaths fell this past week compared with the week before. That doesn’t mean they’re low though, they’re still way up from four weeks ago.

Over the past four weeks in Ohio, this week has had 55,000 new cases, down 14% from the 63,900 of the week before (ending on Nov. 25). But this past week’s totals were still 49% above those of four weeks ago, which was 37,000. The week ending on Nov. 18 had about 51,400.

Same situation with deaths — down this past week compared with the week before, but slightly more than double what they were four weeks ago.

  • Today (Dec. 2): 397
  • Nov. 25: 447
  • Nov. 18: 204
  • Nov. 11: 195

These are the number of people hospitalized for COVID-19 on these days. The trend there is not down. Today, 5,200, before that, 4,500, 3,700 then 2,800. That’s up 81% in four weeks.

Everything in Pennsylvania is trending upward. Four weeks ago, there were 25,000 new cases. This week, we’re over 47,000. That’s up 85% in four weeks. The week ending on Nov. 25 saw about 45,900 new cases and the week ending on Nov. 18 saw about 38,400.

The big jump in deaths in Pennsylvania was from Nov. 18-25, when the number almost doubled from 320 to 630. But even over the past week, 662 people died in Pennsylvania — 265 more than Ohio. The week ending on Nov. 11 saw 255 deaths.

There is a steady rise in hospitalizations in Pennsylvania, just over 2,000 four weeks ago and almost 5,000 today. The Nov. 25 week saw nearly 4,000 and Nov. 18 was about 2,900.

These are total numbers in Ohio since the pandemic first began in March. All total, 6,600 people have died but 289,000 people are presumed recovered. That means for every person who dies from COVID-19, 43 people recover.

We’re seeing a downward trend in cases in some counties around Youngstown but what we’re also seeing is an increase in the number of people dying from COVID-19.

So let’s start with deaths per week over the past four weeks. These are the seven days leading up to the dates listed.

The most glaring spike is in Trumbull County, where four weeks ago one person died. Then it went to two, then seven and in the past week, 15 people died in Trumbull County.

This as new cases in Trumbull fell over the past week. Around 900, compared with well over 1,200 the week before — a drop of nearly 30%.

One other statistic from Trumbull, these are new hospitalizations per week. For two weeks in November, there were three. Then it went to 10 and this past week, 15 new patients were hospitalized in Trumbull with COVID.

The number of deaths also went up in Mercer County. There were nine this past week, eight the week before and just two in the weeks before. In all of October, only seven people died in Mercer County.

New cases in Mercer County fell back into the 400s two weeks ago but have risen again to over 500 this week. In early October, Mercer County was getting maybe 30 new cases a week.

In Columbiana County, new cases really spiked the seven days before Nov. 25, going from 379 to 632. They then fell back into the 400s this past week.

Four weeks ago, no one died in Columbiana County. Since then, 13 people have died.

In Mahoning County, new cases fell over the past week but are still double what they were four weeks ago, having gone from around 600 to well over 1,200.

The number of deaths in Mahoning County has actually gone down. Four weeks ago it was six and for the past two weeks, it has been three.

Here’s another way to break it down — new cases by zip code over the past two weeks. These are the top five locations in Mahoning, Trumbull and Columbiana counties:

  • 44512 is Boardman: 257
  • 44514 is primarily the Poland area: 243
  • 44515 is Austintown: 236
  • 44483 is northeast Warren and Champion: 185
  • 43920 is East Liverpool and Calcutta: 174

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