After seeing milk fly off shelves during pandemic, local dairy farm expands production


Denmandale Dairy donates a portion of every bottle sold to different charities each month

JOHNSTON, Ohio (WKBN) – A Trumbull County dairy farm has made it their mission to help feed the community and even expanded operations to process their own milk on-site during the pandemic. They’ve since been able to launch their product, which is sold in about a dozen local stores.

The milk Denmandale Dairy sells does more than fill a glass, it fills the community’s cup too.

Daniel Denman is a fifth-generation dairy farmer at Denmandale Dairy.

“We’re a closed herd so everybody you see behind me was born right here and they’ll be here ’till the end,” Denman said.

It’s a Denman family business that started in Johnston more than a century ago. The farm has changed a lot since then, going to a fully robotic milking system.

“Yesterday she milked 92 pounds so about 11 gallons,” Denman said.

Their latest venture is processing milk right at the farm.

“When the pandemic first struck and we went to the stores and the mad rush, there was no milk on the shelves,” Denman said. “We almost felt like we were failing, we weren’t feeding the people closest to us. For us to be able to do this, that’s what motivates us to feed people.”

So last March, the farm moved forward with building a milk plant. About nine months later, they started processing their own product and delivered their first milk jugs to the first store by the end of last year.

“To finally get there and to have a product that we were happy with and we finally fulfilled what we were trying to do, it was really amazing to see,” Denman said.

Denmandale Dairy is currently distributing about 250 gallons of whole and chocolate whole milk each week to about a dozen different stores in Trumbull County, like the Fowler General Store, where it has been a big hit with customers.

“It doesn’t stay on the shelf more than a day or two,” said Becky Coursen, with the Fowler General Store.

Denmandale Dairy donates a portion of every bottle sold to different charities each month.

Denman says the community support has been wonderful.

“People love what we’re doing and they especially love the ‘Mooovement,’ which is our community outreach program,” he said.

Denman says there’s still room to grow. They plan on adding vanilla milk to their lineup in the coming weeks.

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