After Gov. DeWine’s ‘Columbiana County flea markets’ comment, Rogers says it’s doing everything it can


Columbiana County is now ranked ninth in the state for new COVID-19 cases and the governor talked about what concerns him

ROGERS, Ohio (WKBN) – A 13-second remark by Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine Tuesday afternoon had people at Columbiana County’s Rogers Flea Market wondering if he was talking about them.

Before his comment, DeWine displayed a graphic showing the county ranked ninth in the state for new COVID-19 cases over the past two weeks per 100,000 population.

“In Columbiana County, two long-term care facility outbreaks. One facility had a large number of cases. We have concerns about large venue events, including flea markets, where they’ve seen no facial coverings — or not many people — and not much social distancing,” DeWine said.

He didn’t mention Rogers Flea Market specifically, but it’s the most well-known flea market in the county.

Rogers Flea Market co-owner Connie Hughart said they’re taking all of the precautions. When we visited the flea market in early April, there were signs reminding people of the rules and vendors were wearing masks.

“I don’t know why he chose flea markets in particular. We are an open air venue. Ninety percent of what we’ve got is open air,” Hughart said.

She hasn’t heard of anyone testing positive for COVID-19 after visiting Rogers Flea Market.

Hughart said the governor didn’t seem too antagonistic when talking about Columbiana County flea markets — that he didn’t seem too concerned.

She said Rogers Flea Market is doing everything it can, even regularly announcing that people should be wearing masks.

DeWine did have something positive to say about Columbiana County, though.

“The Junior Fair, I hear from my friends in Columbiana County, went very well and it was a very safe fair. So we thank them for that.”

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