BOARDMAN, Ohio (WKBN) – The number of people traveling is up.

During COVID, people who did fly, found it to be fairly cheap. Now as restrictions begin to lift and more people are vaccinated, the costs are changing.

Gas prices have gone up, and airfare could also go up as seats become more in demand.

AAA says that gas prices would have to drastically rise for it to impact travel costs compared to flying, but if your destination is somewhere like Orlando, Florida, flying may be your cheapest bet.

“Number one is pent up demand. You take people and lock them in their house for a long time and they are going to start thinking about vacations. They are going to start thinking to themselves I need to get away. I need to get somewhere. That is what we are seeing at our branches right now,” said Jim Garrity, a spokesperson for AAA.

Garrity said people want to know where they can go and what is available. He said road trips may still be big this summer for those not comfortable with flying.

To avoid rising prices, Garrity suggests booking ahead, know cancellations policies and keep up with restrictions that are in pace wherever you are headed.