Coronavirus in Ohio: How does the state compare now to our worst weeks?


COLUMBUS (WCMH) — The Ohio Department of Health released the latest number of COVID-19 cases in the state. 

As of Friday, July 30, a total of 1,127,808 (+1,183) cases have been reported since the start of the pandemic, leading to 61,897 (+64) hospitalizations and 8,465 (+7) ICU admissions. A total of 5,755,714 Ohioans — 49.24% of the state’s population — has started the vaccination process. That’s an increase of 10,703 from the previous day.  

ODH reported an additional two deaths Friday, bringing the total to 20,492. The state is updating the total number of deaths only after death certificates have been processed, usually twice a week.

Data compiled from state health sources show COVID-19 cases in Ohio are slowly increasing, causing health experts to raise flags about possible new outbreaks.

There are new warnings Friday night from the CDC on the dangers of the Delta variant. The CDC calls it as contagious as the chicken pox — and more transmissible than the common cold.

This warning comes as the state of Florida this week reported COVID cases up 50% from last week.

Florida last week had 110,000 new cases. That’s 35,000 more than what Ohio reported during its worst week in December. One out of every five new cases in the U.S. is in Florida.

The COVID numbers in Ohio have risen in July as well. The number of cases this past week were four times the number of the first week.

The CDC is again recommending everyone wear a mask indoors in areas where cases are surging.

As the more contagious delta variant of COVID-19 sweeps through Ohio, data shows younger people are making up a larger share of cases because their age groups are the state’s least vaccinated.

Both case and hospitalization numbers are up in Ohio.

The week ending December 11, there were 74,887 total cases, the worst week Ohio has had. Over the past month, cases in Ohio are up to a point where, this week, they were 6,886.

As for hospitalizations, the most Ohio’s seen in one day was on December 15, where 5,308 people were hospitalized with COVID.

Now, hospitalizations are about three times what they were from the start of July. Only July 2, there were 200, then close to 300, close to 400 and then 624 this past week.

On the week ending December 18, there were 490 people dying from COVID, the worst week in Ohio. People are still dying, but not at the same rate as seven months ago.

Ohio went from 36 to 57, then fell back to 30. This past week there were 25 deaths.

For vaccinations, 49,2% of Ohio’s population has been vaccinated. Mahoning County is 47.8%, Trumbull is 45.5% and Columbiana is 38.5%.

Kent State is offering incentives to encourage more students to get vaccinated.

Beginning next week, all students who’ve been vaccinated will be registered to win prizes like free tuition, free room and board, a kayaking trip, apple watches and Beats headphones.

Twice weekly, drawings will run through October 12.

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