Mom laments death of son in Warren as cops look for clues

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Tyler Mitchell had turned 18 just a month before he was killed

WARREN, Ohio (WKBN) — Tyler Mitchell barely got a chance to be an adult.

Found dead from a gunshot wound early July 10, 2017 in a yard in the 2700 block of Burton Street SE., Mitchell had turned 18 just a month before he was killed.

His mother, Amy Jessie, said her son also left a baby, Tyler Jr., when he was killed. She calls detectives regularly for updates on the case. She was in tears throughout almost an entire phone call when speaking to a reporter about her son.

“I wake up every day and I feel guilty,” Jessie said. “I’m here and it should be opposite. We should never have to bury our children.”

Warren police detectives Wayne Mackey and John Greaver are working the case. They said they have very little evidence to go with.

There is video from a nearby church, but it is not usable and there is hardly any physical evidence except for a couple of shell casings they found near Mitchell’s body.

There are also no witnesses.

Police were called early in the morning July 10, 2017 for a report of a man lying in the grass. When officers got there, they found Mitchell, who was dead from several gunshot wounds.

Mackey and Greaver interviewed Mitchell’s friends and checked his phone records but they did not yield many clues.

“It’s led us nowhere at this point,” Mackey said.

From interviewing Mitchell’s friends, detectives believe he was killed as a result of an earlier argument.

“We believe whatever it was that caused Tyler to be killed, it was something that happened that morning or that evening,” Mackey said.

But regardless of why he was killed, Mackey said there is never an excuse to take someone’s life.

“He’s still somebody’s son, somebody’s dad,” Mackey said. “I don’t care what you’re doing. Nobody has a right to take your life. They just don’t.”

“He was only 18. Who knows what he would’ve been like in five years?”

Jessie said she wonders that as well, saying her son played football for both Howland and Niles, and he enjoyed camping and fishing.

“He was outgoing. Very friendly,” Jessie said.

Mitchell also left behind a brother who is 14 now and having trouble coping with the sudden, violent end of his brother’s life.

“He’s definitely not the kid he used to be,” Jessie said of her other son. “He’s just so angry that someone took his brother from him.”

Making things worse is the person who took her son’s life is still walking around, Jessie said.

“Knowing the person responsible is still out there tears me apart because it’s not fair,” Jessie said. “He was only 18 for a month.”

Anyone with any information on the case can call Detective Mackey at 330-841-2684.

WKBN first reported on the murder in 2017. You can watch that video above.

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