Loss of son is no blur for Youngstown mom

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Saturday is the seventh anniversary of the murder of Robert Floyd, and no arrests have been made yet

Robert Floyd murder Youngstown


YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) — The actual murder of Robert Floyd might have been a blur.

But not for his mother, Carla. Her life was put on hold when her son died in his car on March 14, 2013, in the parking lot of the Red And White Food Mart at 1721 Lansdowne Blvd.

With Saturday marking the seventh anniversary of his death, Carla said there is not a day that goes by that she misses her son. She is still hoping that detectives can crack the case.

“They just don’t know what they did to me,” Carla said of the people responsible for her son’s death. “They just don’t know. They just don’t care.”

Retired Detective Sgt. Darryl Martin, the lead investigator on the case, said two men walked up to a car Floyd was in and at least one of them shot him. He was found slumped over the steering wheel. The shooting happened in front of Floyd’s grandfather.

Martin said the case went cold because of a lack of witnesses. He said there is video, but the shooting happened so fast that it’s almost like a blur. He said the two men ran up to the car very quickly and away very quickly.

Martin said he has a suspect but the person’s face was concealed, and without a witness to identify him, he doesn’t have a case.

Carla said her son was a big Dallas Cowboys fan and he played football in high school for East High School. He left behind two children, a son and a daughter, who are both students in the Youngstown Early College.

“He loved being with his family,” Carla said.

She said the night he was killed, she spoke to him just 10 minutes before he was killed. When she found out he was murdered, she didn’t believe it because she just spoke to him.

“I said I just talked to him,” Carla said.

Her son had been in trouble only once and did a prison sentence, but Carla said that was because he was around someone else who was a troublemaker. Regardless, she said there was no excuse for her son to lose his life.

Floyd’s cousin, Tequila Jackson, agreed.

“Nobody wakes up and expects these kinds of crises to rain down,” Jackson said. “No matter what happens, nobody deserves to die at the hands of another.”

Floyd’s sister, Carlisha Hammonds, said: “My brother was a loving person. He loved all of us.”

Carla said what is especially painful is all the years, all the memories she had with her son, and he is no longer there.

Now, they do all they can to make sure his children remember their father.

“We keep his memory alive,” Carla said.

Jackson said Carla hopes police can make an arrest because she wants to move on with her life.

“All she wants is some closure. Some comfort,” Jackson said.

Anyone with information can call the Detective Bureau at 330-742-8911.

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