YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – The City of Youngstown is planning to close nearly four miles of uninhabited streets on the east side within the next few months.

The Sharonline Decommission Project started in 2014 with the goal of returning 3.9 miles of abandoned roads to nature.

The area is named after a Youngstown-Sharon, Pennsylvania streetcar line that ran along Jacobs Road from 1900 to 1939. Now it’s a dumping ground and habitat for abandoned homes, which is just one of the reasons the city is ready to get rid of it.

“We conducted a survey of that part of the city and determined that there were some areas, or some streets, that really served no purpose,” said Youngstown Planning Deputy Director Bill D’Avignon.

He says the cost of fixing the streets was out of the question. Closing the roads will relieve the city of police patrols, street repaving and snow removal.

The cost of the Sharonline Decommission Project is already in the city’s budget, and will mostly cost time and energy. Nine abandoned homes need to be torn down and all of the dumping grounds need cleared.

“We’re probably going to use the city’s street department to do any demolition that needs to take place. The city’s street department will put up the guardrail to barricade the streets.”

The idea came from the Youngstown 2010 Plan, which recognized that the city’s population had significantly declined and there wasn’t the infrastructure to maintain all of the land anymore.

“Making smart decisions on where investment needs to take place, and maybe where investment should not take place, is kind of what we’re still implementing. It’s ongoing.”

The four miles of streets include those outlined in the map below:

Streets that the city of Youngstown is closing to turn back into green spaces.