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Changing weather and its impact on illnesses


YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Weather really doesn’t play much of a role in contracting colds and the flu, but it does have an impact on those who suffer with allergies.

Dr. Mike Sevilla with the Family Practice Center of Salem, said he is seeing a lot of patients with allergy symptoms because there hasn’t been a killing frost yet.

The Valley saw near record-breaking temperatures Monday. The official high temperature recorded at the Youngstown- Warren Regional Airport was 79 degrees, just four degrees shy of the record, and Tuesday is promising to be another warm day.

While Sevilla says weather doesn’t play a role in contracting viruses, the busy cold and flu season is beginning and there is one way to avoid a trip to doctor’s office.

“There are three main things people can do. They can wash their hands, they can wash their hands, and they can wash their hands. That is the main thing to try to stop the spread of this,” Sevilla said.

Sevilla also said getting a sufficient amount of sleep will also help boost the immune system, along with staying hydrated and eating plenty of vegetables.

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