YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Cardinal Mooney High School’s renovation project is now officially underway.

Bishop George Murry was at the groundbreaking Thursday morning.

The $5 million renovation project started at 11 a.m. and includes a complete remodeling of the exterior facing of the building, installation of new energy-efficient windows, and a new roof.

The entire project was made possible with the help of donations from alumni Denise DeBartolo York and Eddie DeBartolo, Jr.

School officials are hoping that the project will be completed by the 2017-18 school year.

The building first opened in 19-56. The Diocese of Youngstown says the repairs will keep the school as a pillar in the city.

“This gift gives us a new building and a new beginning,” Cardinal Mooney High School President Fr. Gerald DeLucia said.

Renovation will begin on Cardinal Mooney High School next Thursday, June 4th. They’ll start by putting on a new roof, then move inside.

“(To remove) all of the ceilings and floors and any asbestos in a third of the building this summer and replace them with new lighting, new floors, new ceilings,” Cardinal Mooney Director of Facilities P.J. Fecko said.

Then to the outside:

“The whole front facade where i’m standing down that whole exterior will be tore off the building and we’ll replace with new windows, energy-efficient windows,” Fecko said.

They’ll also renovate the cafeteria and install a new heating and air conditioning system. The renovation work will be done in three phases — this summer, next summer and the following summer. But, never when the students are in school.

“I think this is a great thing for mooney. I think it’s great for the school. It’s great for the community.” student Andrew Armstrong said.

Two Mooney alums — Denise DeBartolo York and Eddie DeBartolo Junior — donated 5 million dollars for the project.

“It’s near and dear to our hearts. We have the greatest alumni in the world. I’m really concerned about the kids,” Denise DeBartolo York said.

They’re also making a donation to the school’s endowment fund to provide tuition assistance and scholarships.

“That is extremely helpful because so often people say i’d love to send my daughter or my son to Cardinal Mooney, but I can’t afford it. This will help us,” Bishop George Murry said.

Cardinal Mooney High School proposed rendering (ms consultants inc.)