Busy bakers working nonstop to prepare Easter treats


Children have a fascination with Easter goodies — and so do adults.

Classic Bakery in Boardman had roughly 50 people working on Friday to get ready for the holiday. Bakers work overnight, then the items are iced, trayed and put out in the display cases in the morning.

Saturday is Classic’s busiest cake day of the year.

“There will be a lot of decorated cakes, a lot of dessert cakes, just a lot of stuff for the family at Easter dinner,” Paul Rovnak said.

Christmas is more popular for cookies, while Easter favorites are kolachi and Easter bread. In fact, Classic Bakery only makes it this time of year.

“Believe me, everybody here is glad when major holidays like Easter are done,” Rovnak said.

At Jimmy’s Italian Specialties in Liberty, Easter pies and 3,000 loaves of Easter bread are only made and sold for a week and a half. Italian prosciutto is also popular, along with ham.

“Christmas is definitely more sales, but we’re definitely not short on sales this time of year either,” Frank Occhibove said.

Jimmy’s has at least ten people working behind the scenes to make Easter special and fulfill a sense of tradition and family.

“I think it’s something we’re seeing, a resurgence in tradition. Last few years, it dropped off and the younger generation is bringing back the traditions,” Occhibove said.

It’s a 24/7 operation right now for these businesses, but they’ll get a breather on Monday.

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