Brother continues YSU professor’s work to save the dahlia

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YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Years after his death, late YSU Professor Carl Chuey, is still at the forefront of plant science. It is in his memory that many around the world are fighting a virus that could wipe out a species of flower.

James Chuey has always had a passion for the growing flowers but the one flower that has captured his heart is the dahlia. What he didn’t know is that his brother, YSU biology professor Carl F. Chuey, had the same secret passion, but the brothers didn’t know that until Carl Chuey began cancer treatments and the subject came up in their travels back and forth to the treatment center.

“When we were going to Cleveland every day for radiation and chemotherapy, we would have lengthy conversations and one day this came up and you could have knocked me over with a feather. I was not expecting that,” Chuey said.

And in that conversation, a promise was made – save the dahlia flower from a virus that is slowly killing the entire species.

“He made it a point to me that you will do something about this. This is my charge to you,” Chuey said.

And take charge he did. Through several generous donations in his brother’s name to Washington State University, researchers have now teamed up with Stanford University to find a cure.

“Be proud of who you are. Go out and attempt something because we can change things and it is happening here,” Chuey said. “This is major change. Maybe I am too emotional about it, but I believe that sincerely.”

Washington State was chosen as the lead in the research because they already had a program in place fighting the dahlia virus.

For more dahlia information and plant sales across the valley go to the Ohio Dahlia Society’s website for complete locations and times.


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