YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – A Youngstown apartment owner is following a court ruling to provide heat and water for his tenants.

Eight renters at 145 E. Midlothian Boulevard were having trouble with basic necessities. Some of them even temporarily moved out.

A court hearing took place in early February where a magistrate issued a temporary restraining order, requiring the apartment owner to make some changes.

Today was the deadline and the magistrate got some good news. He learned that the heat and hot water are back on. Plus, all the tenants have moved back in.

He also issued a preliminary injunction against PT Commercial to keep the building in a habitable condition.

“So the magistrate’s order today will just make sure that the landlord continues to provide adequate heat and hot water to all the tenants in the building. So that’s a great outcome for the tenants and hopefully, a sign that the landlord is on board to continue to provide all the services that should be provided to tenants,” said Andrew Neuhauser, with Community Legal Aid.

The next step is to continue making sure there are no more issues.

All sides will reconvene in 30 days.