‘Post Your Love’ wall at Southern Park Mall encourages people to express themselves

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An estimated 4,000 messages of positivity and support currently make up the wall

BOARDMAN, Ohio (WKBN) – This is the third year Boardman’s Southern Park Mall has featured a “Post Your Love” wall, but this year’s has been by far the biggest response.

People simply write notes and place them on the wall, notes like “stay happy” or “love yourself the way you wish they did.”

The wall opened on Feb. 1 as just a pink-shaped heart of Post-it notes and the “Post Your Love” lettering. Twenty-five days later, it’s three-quarters full as a sea of color along a main concourse.

To find out how many notes there are, mall manager Brian Gabbert made a rough count.

“I think we have a conservative estimate of over 4,000 now. So it’s really exciting to see people come out and just enjoy the positivity,” he said.

Some other messages are, “I love myself,” “I love the world” and “Shawn plus me equals love.”

Someone loves Jesus while another person loves their kids. There’s also love for Ohio, disc golf and the Yankees.

“I’ve seen things that say, like, ‘If you ever need to talk, reach out to this,’ and they’ll put their social media or something,” said Kayla Fraser.

Fraser is a manager at Hollister, right across from the wall. She has watched it grow.

She searched for her post on Thursday, “Come Shop Hollister,” but has another one up there, too.

“So one night after work we all came out here and we decided to write something, write a message, something positive. But we didn’t tell each other who wrote what or what it said. Nothing. You just go here and we’ll try and find it after work if we have time. We’ve only found one,” she said.

“I think COVID probably has a lot to do with it. I think people are tired of being locked up in their houses and they want to get out and they want to express themselves and they want to feel,” Gabbert said.

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