YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – The Canfield couple who has made it their mission to open an Idora Park museum on the land where the park once stood has been told it’s not for sale.

Mt. Calvary Pentecostal Church — which filed for bankruptcy in February — owns the land and said it’s not selling it.

A month ago, WKBN toured the land with Jim and Toni Amey. They operate the Idora Park Experience, a museum at their home in Canfield.

The couple said they offered the church more than the land was appraised at, but the church rejected the offer and said it would not be selling the land.

The Ameys are still hoping to buy the land if it is auctioned through bankruptcy court.

The pair is also working to make their museum more accessible to the public. Currently, the Idora Park Experience is only open two weekends a year.

“Of course, we can’t sit around and wait for the improbable to happen,” Jim said. “So we will continue to work with the Mahoning Valley Historical Society in donating the collection to them and in making the dream come true of having the Idora Park Museum become a museum that is open to the public and a part of the local community.”