AUSTINTOWN, Ohio (WKBN)- The people of Austintown will have a chance to meet the candidates who want to become the new trustees Wednesday night.

There are four candidates looking to fill two seats.

Both Jim Davis and Ken Carano are seeking re-election. The two other candidates are Monica Deavers and Rob Santos.

“No matter who has that seat after November 2nd, we all need to work together to continue to make sure Austintown’s the best community to live in,” Davis said.

Each candidate has a unique reason as to why they are the right choice.

“Experience counts. and I am the most experienced person. when they have a problem, no matter what the problem is, I can help them,” said Ken Carano.

One of the other two candidates is a local business owner and an ex-Marine. Monica Deavers owns Charley’s Family Restaurant. The pandemic hardships and how the community rallied for her business inspired her to join the race.

“They cried with me. and I was like, well, what can I do to further that? We need to show that support that we have for this community and bring back the pride here, ’cause we have it here,” Deavers said.

Rob Santos, a retired Marine has seen it all. He says that during his time serving, he was taught one lesson that is important and key for him being the best choice.

“We’re used to working with people we may not always agree with, but we agree on the mission. And right now the mission is Austintown,” Santos said.

His priority, like many of the candidates, is making Austintown a place where people want to live.

“It could be better. I want to make Austintown better so that we have residents come in. we have businesses come in,” Santos said.

Deavers wants people to know it is a great place to have a local business.

“I want everyone’s roots to stay here. I want there to be a reason to be here,” Deavers said.

Current Austintown Trustee Carano says he has the connections to bring the businesses to the township.

“I am quite prepared to be looking for other companies to come into Austintown, especially at certain areas that are available,” Carano said.

But both Davis and Carano agree these aren’t the only big issues in the township. Both spoke about the drastic budget cuts they have gotten from the state. Davis says his biggest priority is more practical.

“What people really want, and they tell us are they want the roads paved. you know, they want their neighbor to make sure they maintain their property. So those are the things we always looked at,” Davis said.

They will all meet in a public forum and answer questions submitted by the public. Each candidate will have to answer all the questions asked.

The meeting tonight is a great opportunity for everyone to get to know the people who want to serve the community. The forum starts at 6 p.m. at Austintown Fitch High School.

You can still submit a question for the forum online here. A voter information guide can be found here.

You can view all election profiles for candidates here.