Austintown business to offer free CCW training for teachers


AUSTINTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Arming teachers is a discussion happening throughout many schools districts in Ohio and across the country.

Precision Shooting in Austintown says they will soon offer a free course for Ohio teachers to earn their CCW permit. The class normally costs $75.

“We would ask that we would have some letter of recommendation to where your school board or district is going to allow this,” said Jeff Yocum, with Precision Shooting.

The free class also comes with the stipulation that the school district would continue training on a shooter scenario.

Yocum said they’ve already received interest from teachers and schools about the concealed carry course.

In December, the Southern Local School Board passed a measure to allow some employees to carry guns. The district is discussing letting administrators carry guns, but not teachers.

“Response time for the sheriff’s office to get there is 12 to 20 minutes. For an incident that happens, that’s going to be over,” said Superintendent John Wilson.MORE: Which local school districts allow teachers to carry guns?

Allowing teachers to carry weapons on school property was a topic of discussion at Lordstown schools’ safety meeting Monday night. Superintendent Terry Armstrong said that decision has not been made.

“The board would have to determine if that would be a policy of theirs. We have not determined if that would be a good direction for us or not,” Armstrong said.

Schools or teachers interested in the course can call or email Precision Shooting at 330-270-1045 or 

Ohio Governor John Kasich says gun law reform is needed but also indicated he would support training teachers who would want to be armed.


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