CLEVELAND, Ohio (WKBN) – The aunt of a 14-year-old girl accused of killing her own father said the alleged crime is not what it seems.

Bresha Meadows, just a teenager, was charged with aggravated murder for shooting and killing her father, 41-year-old Jonathan Meadows.

Police were called to the family’s Warren home on Thursday after Brandi Meadows called police about 3:46 a.m. to say her daughter shot her husband in the head. Meadows later died as a result of his injury.

Friday, Trumbull County Coroner Dr. Humphrey Germaniuk ruled the death a homicide. He said Meadows died of a single gunshot wound to the head.

Bresha Meadows

WKBN spoke with Bresha’s aunt, Sheri Latessa, in Cleveland on Friday. She said Bresha said, “Now mommy, you’re free” following the shooting. She also alleged Jonathan Meadows was a domestic abuser.

Latessa produced documents detailing accusations of domestic violence in the home. In 2011, Jonathan was accused of threatening to kill Brandi and their three children, and police were called to investigate.

“Possessive and abusive. He controlled her, and it was like she was in jail — 18 years worth of jail,” she said.

She also said Bresha had run away from home before. A police report in May shows that Bresha had been found and told police that she lived in fear for her life.

“They’ve all been through it, and nobody in that county would help, that we called, would do anything,” Latessa said. “She told on him, and nobody would do anything. She did what supposed to do, and nobody helped her.”

Court records show that charges in the 2011 domestic violence case against Jonathan Meadows were dropped by Brandi. Jonathan was never convicted of domestic violence.

The family said they know what was happening in the home, but they don’t know what triggered the shooting that led to the 14 year old being charged with murder.

“[Bresha] did it for her mother.  She definitely did it for her mother,” Latessa said.

The family said the gun involved in the shooting belong to Jonathan Meadows but was registered in Brandi’s name because he was a convicted felon and couldn’t have a weapon.

Bresha, who turns 15 in two weeks, is in a juvenile jail awaiting a hearing on the charge. Police have not released a motive in the shooting.