CLEVELAND, Ohio (WKBN) – A Cleveland lawyer and the family members of 14-year-old Bresha Meadows are mounting her defense.

Bresha is charged in the shooting death of her father, Jonathon Meadows, last week in Warren.

Cleveland attorney Ian Friedman told Fox 8 News that Bresha suffered a pattern of abuse from her father and that she was protecting her mother and family when she shot her father inside their Hunter Street home.

“Everyone was terrified. Dad’s drinking. Dad’s drunk. Dad has a gun. Can you imagine seeing the beatings? The constant beatings, the abuse. It was really just a terror,” he said.

Juvenile prosecutor Stanley Elkins also spoke to Fox 8 about the case saying, “We want to get at the truth and see that justice is served.”

Funeral services were held Friday in Cleveland for Jonathon Meadows.

Bresha Meadows made her first court appearance earlier this week, and she pleaded “not true” to the charges, which in juvenile court means not guilty.