Sitting on Death Row: Scott Group

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He was admitted into Chillicothe Correctional Institution in May of 1999

Scott Group, death row inmate. Convicted of the 1997 murder of a Youngstown bar owner.

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – A man convicted of the 1997 murder of a Youngstown bar owner is waiting for his execution.

Scott Group, now 54, was a delivery worker and made weekly wine deliveries to Downtown Bar in Youngstown, which was owned by Robert and Sandra Lozier. 

Group quit his job the day before the murder.  

He showed up at Downtown Bar on January 18, asking to see invoices. During her testimony, Sandra said Group, “just kept going through the invoices, and it was like he just kept staring at them.”  

Group pulled a gun on the Loziers and forced them into the bar restroom. He shot them both in the head, and then stole more than $1,200. 

Sandra survived the shooting and managed to call police to the scene. The money she was counting in the office and the invoices were missing.  

Group said in court that after the shooting, he drove to Diamond Tavern in Campbell and bought all of the customers two rounds of drinks. Another patron in the bar thanked Group, saying, “I’ll see you,” and Group replied, “You aren’t going to see me anymore.”

His mother told Group over the phone that the police were looking for him in connection to the shooting. He went to the police station and officers noticed blood on his shoes. Group told police that it was from a cut on his finger, but the cut looked old, and he was arrested.

While in the Mahoning County Jail, Group tried to get a fellow inmate who was getting out on bond to firebomb Sandra’s home to “scare her from testifying or to lead the police into investigating others.” 

Group told the inmate that he had $300,000 stashed away that he would share with him. Details of the plan and how to make the firebomb were later found in a letter to the inmate. 

The inmate said he did not want to hurt Lozier, so he told a prosecutor about Group’s plan.

Group was then convicted of attempted aggravated murder and intimidating a witness for the plan.

He was admitted into Chillicothe Correctional Institution in May of 1999. 

The Ohio Supreme Court scheduled his execution date for July 10, 2024. 

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