Sitting on Death Row: David Martin

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Martin was admitted into the Ohio State Penitentiary in September of 2014

David Martin, death row inmate convicted in the 2012 murder of a man in Warren and attempted murder of a woman.

WARREN, Ohio (WKBN) – David Martin, 34, is facing death for the 2012 murder of a man and attempted murder of a woman. 

The woman, Melissa “Missy” Putnam, invited Martin over to smoke marijuana with her and 21-year-old Jeremy Cole. Putnam said she had known Martin for a few months prior and she sold him marijuana the day before.

Martin was carrying a gun at the time. Something Cole said led Martin to pull the gun on him, demanding that Putnam tie his hands and her own.

Martin then searched Cole’s pockets and became upset over not finding the car keys. Cole said they were with his girlfriend who had the car.

He led Putnam to her daughter’s bedroom, and during a struggle between Martin and Cole in the other room, Cole yelled for Putnam to get out and was shot in the head.

Martin then shot Putnam, but the bullet went through her hand and into her neck. She called the police after Martin ran away. 

Cole died in the hospital from his injuries.

Martin was sent to the Ohio State Penitentiary in September of 2014 and awaits execution.

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