YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) — Police are seeking information on four local missing person cases.

Youngstown Detective Sgt. Dave Sweeney, who has been in charge of the department’s effort to resolve missing persons’ cases, said he believes two cases are ones where people have information.

Sweeney said he believes there are people in Trumbull County who can help learn the fate of Kimberly Wilson-Talley, who was reported missing Jan. 19, 2017. She was 49 at the time she disappeared.

There are also people on Youngstown’s east side who may know the fate of Samantha Joseph, who was 43 when she went missing on July 1, 2009.

Two other cases Sweeney is spotlighting are Amy Hambrick, who was 29 when she went missing in early November 2017, after she told people she was on her way to a friend’s house in North Jackson; and Dean Donnadio, who was 40 when he disappeared Sept. 1. 2005. He was not reported missing until Jan. 12, 2006.

Wilson-Talley was reported missing after she missed an appointment with her doctor for cancer treatments. Her car was found on South Heights Avenue several days after she was reported missing.

Joseph’s car was also found several days after she was reported missing on Lakewood Avenue.
Sweeney said he did not want to speculate on what might have happened to them because he wants to find an open mind to follow any tips or leads he gets.

One thing he is counting on is people who may know something and want to get it off their chest because they are weighed down by guilt.

Anyone with information on these cases is asked to call the Detective Bureau at 330-742-8911; CrimeStoppers Youngstown at 330-746-CLUE; or the Guy Burney with the Community Initiative To Reduce Violence at 330-742-8779.