Hot summer made hotter with no AC: Hubbard battles ongoing power outages

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HUBBARD, Ohio (WKBN) – It has been a hot few days in the Valley, and Hubbard residents are having trouble keeping the AC on. Many have called First News about the power being out and it isn’t the first time.

Power continues to go out in the city of Hubbard, and many residents are unhappy and are looking for answers.

“In the last two days, it’s gone out, well, several times. Twice today, several times yesterday,” said Ronald Leckfor, one resident.

These couple of days have not been a single incident.

Residents have been complaining that power has been out here and there throughout the summer. Leckfor, who relies on a motorized scooter and cane to get around, says this isn’t the first time.

“I’ve lived here for going on 19 years, and in that time, I don’t think I’ve had as many power outages as I’ve had since the whole thing happened, you know, starting off like in May,” he said.

Leckfor uses an electric lift to get up to his front door.

“It’s a matter of Russian Roulette. If I use it and the power goes out midway. Am I going to end up calling the Hubbard Fire Department?” he said.

Carrie, another resident, explains her kids have been overheating from having no AC on.

“It’s frustrating because, even two months ago in the middle of the night, the power went out and it was really, really hot,” she said.

Carrie says she has had trouble simply getting things done around the house such as running the dishwasher or cooking meals.

First Energy supplies the power to Hubbard. A representative was unable to talk on camera about the issue but sent us a release.

They are citing “heat-related equipment issues with the First Energy transmission line that feeds Hubbard” as the cause for the outages.

They plan to inspect the lines with thermovision to detect problems.

As for ongoing outages, First Energy said in a release, besides the past two days, two other outages were storm-related earlier in the summer.

The City of Hubbard owns and operates its own electric distribution system, and First Energy is unable to comment concerns regarding Hubbard’s service reliability.

Mayor Ben Kyle explained that the city does keep up the maintenance in the city, but the problem is with First Energy. The company has had similar issues in the Valley before.

“And that’s something for discussion with First Energy. To be able to find a solution because you know multiple power outages strictly based on the transmission issue, to me, it’s problematic and it’s not fair for our residents,” Kyle said.

He hopes that the power issues will be resolved as First Energy starts looking into the equipment failures.

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