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Getting ready for the school year: The choice to vaccinate your child

Ohio saw a mass outbreak of measles and mumps in 2014

(WKBN) - The Ohio Department of Health says all students need to be caught up on their shots before starting public school but many parents are choosing to skip those vaccines. 

Doctors say when parents stop immunizing their kids, the risk of diseases like measles and mumps spreading increases. 

Doctors say more kids are likely to get sick because of the drop in immunizations. 

Ohio saw a mass outbreak of measles and mumps in 2014 -- nearly a thousand kids came down with measles or mumps. That was after one of the lowest rates of vaccinations in 2013.

Dr. Therese Linnon of Akron Children's Hospital says that because vaccines have worked so well to keep diseases in check, some parents aren't worried about them anymore. 

"When we don't see them it's easy to say that we don't need to be vaccinating against them but the problem is if we choose not to vaccinate -- these viruses and these illnesses that we are preventing will come back. And when they make a come back it may make the decision to vaccinate a little easier for parents."

Parents might skip vaccines because of religious beliefs or fear of side effects.

Dr. Linnon says parents should have a conversation with their child's doctor if they have concerns about the disease and to not be persuaded by information seen solely on the internet. 

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