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Domestic violence allegations lead to Bazetta officer's firing

Patrolman Dylan Herrick was fired Tuesday after an internal investigation

BAZETTA TWP., Ohio (WKBN) - Investigators have released more information as to why a Bazetta Township police officer was fired on Tuesday.

Patrolman Dylan Herrick was let go following an internal investigation into domestic violence accusations. 

The department became aware of the accusations against Herrick on June 8. According to personnel files, Herrick's ex-girlfriend reported that he assaulted her at a home in Warren. 

A photo of the victim showed redness and swelling on her eye, according to the investigation documents. 

The woman told investigators that Herrick showed up at the house intoxicated. She said she saw four empty beer bottles in his vehicle after he drove there. 

She said Herrick grabbed her around the throat and began choking her after an argument over their relationship. She said he then shoved her face into the car door, causing the injury. 

The woman said Herrick also threatened to shoot her and himself after she got away and called 911, although she didn't see a weapon. 

Police said the woman had photos of damage to her home that she said were caused by Herrick during the assault. 

After his notice that he would be terminated if he did not resign, Herrick posted to Facebook, "Chief Hovis, you're a corrupt mother f***er," according to the personnel files. 

Criminal charges have not been filed yet in the Warren case against Herrick. 

Herrick had worked for the department part-time for about two years before he got hired on full-time.

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