27 years later: Sister wants answers in stabbing death of Campbell man

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Latonya Gore's brother was stabbed 17 times in his apartment in the Kirwan Homes

Kevin Gore, victim in fatal stabbing cold case in Campbell.

CAMPBELL, Ohio (WKBN) — It was bad enough that Latonya Gore and others had to clean out her slain brother’s apartment 27 years ago, but as they did, the reminders of how he met his death were right in front of her.

Her brother, 33-year-old Kevin Gore, was stabbed to death in his apartment in the Kirwin Homes complex on Oct. 26, 1993.

Latonya, now 63 and retired, was cleaning out her brother’s apartment a few days after the stabbing. As they moved the couch, they could see the knife marks left by whoever stabbed her brother 17 times.

She still remembers.

“You can’t get that out of your head,” Latonya said.

Her brother was a nice person who worked for Schwebel’s Bakery and also as a truck driver. She said he had a drug problem but she did not know about that until after his death.

Her brother was a graduate of Memorial High School and had two sons at the time he was killed, Latonya said.

Latonya said she had been with her brother just a couple of hours before he was killed, helping him get his apartment ready for an inspection. She said she went home and was ironing her daughter’s school uniform when a sister showed up at her door in tears.

“She could barely speak,” Latonya said of her sister. “She said, ‘Dude is dead.’ Somebody killed him.’ … I said, ‘I just left there.'”

Latonya ran to her brother’s apartment and saw police cars, an ambulance and a large crowd milling about. Her parents, who have been married for 64 years, were there and she remembered her father saying, “They killed my boy.”

She saw her brother’s body laying on the floor.

“I could see him through the back door,” she said.

Latonya said her brother rarely locked that door. She had implored him not to leave it unlocked just before she left.

“I said, ‘you better lock that back door or else someone could get in here,” Latonya said.

According to the Oct. 27, 1993 Vindicator, Campbell police received a gunfire call about 10 minutes before Gore’s body was found but didn’t find anything. They were then called back to the apartment where they found his body.

The article said about 10 people outside the apartment were questioned but it was hard to get any good information from them because they were under the influence of drugs.

Latonya said she believes her brother’s death was linked to a car he helped fix several days before. Police told her at the time they did not have a suspect.

Her brother has missed out on six grandchildren, Latonya said. She said her parents would like to see the case closed before they pass on themselves.

Latonya said she thinks about her brother every day.

Anyone with information can call Campbell police at 330-755-1411.

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