2 more inmates suspected of overdosing at Trumbull County Jail

The second time in two weeks that there have been overdoses at the jail

WARREN, Ohio (WKBN) - There were two more apparent overdoses at the Trumbull County jail, bringing the total to five in the past couple of weeks. The latest two happened Monday.

Just last month, a $120,000 full body scanner was installed at the jail to prevent drugs or other contraband from being brought into the jail. The scanner is supposed to find things on inmates being booked that the human eye can't see.

Even with the new scanner in place, inmates Timothy McGowan and Robert Click were found lying on the minimum security floor Monday, suffering from a possible overdose. Both received multiple doses of naloxone and taken to St. Joseph Hospital for treatment.

Chief Deputy Joe Dragovich with the Trumbull Ashtabula Group drug task force said neither McGowan nor Click brought the drugs into the lockup but someone did. Dragovich said they have a suspect in mind and are pursuing charges.

The suspect who brought the drugs in was able to get through the booking process, not because of a failure with the scanner but because the deputy in charge of operating it wasn't doing their job correctly.

"The scanning took place, but if the corrections officer was more vigilant and observant, they would have seen indicators and they could have prevented this," Dragovich said. "We will deal with the CO (corrections officer), but it was just a failure to follow policy."

Dragovich said sometimes, multiple people will look at the scanned images of the inmates, and they will check to see if someone missed something or if there was an indicator.

As for McGowan and Click, investigators are waiting for their medical records to come back, and if they show definite drug use, they will also face charges.


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