YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Two people are charged with killing a person found in a burned-out SUV on the city’s east side on February 20. 

Terrell Martin, 37, and Lyric Moore, 21, of Youngstown, are charged with aggravated murder. They were both arrested Wednesday morning.

Police said Martin was arrested in Youngstown Municipal Court, where he was appearing for an unrelated charge.

“We had information that he was going to be in court this morning, so after he finished his courtroom hearing he was arrested immediately after,” said Lt. Doug Bobovynik, Youngstown Police Department.

Bobovynik said Martin tried to harm himself during his arrest and was taken away in an ambulance.

Moore was arrested at another location.

Police said they have evidence linking the two to the crime but would not reveal that evidence.

“These two became suspects early on in the investigation, but it took some time. We had to wait for certain evidence to come back,” Bobovynik said.

Investigators haven’t positively identified the victim but believe it is the owner of the car, Zachary Howell. Howell was last seen on February 19, collecting signatures to appear on the ballot in the Youngstown mayoral race.

The coroner’s office has not been able to locate a dentist who had treated Howell in the past to compare dental records, along with DNA.

The man found in the car had been shot and killed before the fire started. He was found behind an abandoned house on Edgar Avenue.

Martin was also scheduled to appear in court later this month on a complicity to trafficking in marijuana case and was indicted in August of last year on aggravated robbery felonious assault charges. In 2011, he was sentenced to six months in jail in a food stamp trafficking case.

Court records show only traffic violations for Lyric Moore.