MyValleyPets – There are no words to express how much you are loved and sadly missed by all of us. 

You became a part of our family the day we rescued you and brought you into our home. We never knew how much a dog could give so much love and compassion until you became a part of our family in 2007. You learned how to trust again after everything you had been through. We never gave up and you never gave up. We worked together and became one happy family. You brought us so much love and happiness into our lives. We gave you so much love but in return you gave more back to us.

You are the best dog anyone could ask for. We are going to miss everything we did together especially Daddy with the walks you two went on and how you gracefully walked with him, saying “look at me how happy I can be, just Daddy and me”.

In the 10-1/2 years we had together, the love and happiness you gave will never be forgotten. You are so loved and missed by everyone who loved you. You were our easiest hello but our hardest good bye.

R.I.P. our precious boy Shaggy. You may be gone but you will live in our hearts forever.