If you never met Miss Pickles (aka Pickly Poo, Miss P, Diva, My Little Ewok, Pickaly) then you definitely missed out. She was a very social butterfly when we were out and about. She loved to interact with everyone and everyone just LOVED her. She was so many things…loving, independent, so so sweet, absolutely adorable, rambunctious, friendly, vocal, adventurous, smart as a whip, the list just goes on. She was just plain SPECIAL. She never let spina bifida slow her down. I can’t even begin to explain to you what this little girl meant to us. 🥰

Miss Pickles went to Heaven 👼 early yesterday morning on her own terms after being ill. She is no doubt racing around Heaven explaining to anyone who will listen what time lunch is and where her toys should be. That’s Momma’s girl! 👍

We are devastated beyond belief at her leaving us and her siblings are missing her horribly. But I know she will be an Angel 👼 among us forever and help watch over them.
Thank you to her Aunties Dr. Fette, Maddie, Samantha, Tammy and the rest of the Fette team for loving her and taking care of her so well. She adored all of you. ❤️ Thank you also to her Aunties Heather and Gia. You know you held special places in her heart. ❤️ A special thank you to Kacy at Aspen Hill for always being so gentle with us & helping our babies with their final needs. ❤️