Rich Morgan

Rich Morgan

Rich grew up in Geauga County’s snowbelt. His father built the family home in the backwoods of Newbury, overlooking Punderson State Park.

Having no neighbors with children nearby, Rich’s friends were the personalities he listened to on Cleveland radio and watched on Cleveland television. Mom bough him a small Lionel weather station and these elements inspired him to pursue broadcasting.
Rich was part of the first class to attend Notre Dame Educational Center in downtown Chardon from first to fourth grade. His fifth through eighth grade education continued with the Sisters of Notre Dame at St. Helen in Newbury. He became a Black Knight at Newbury High School and continued his education at Kent State University.

His radio career began in 1972 while working at WKSU-AM, WKSU-FM and WDMT-FM. By the time he arrived in Youngstown in 1979 he had worked at ten radio stations. Working seven days a week, he worked two stations at a time.

WKBN Broadcasting offered him the versatility of working on television as well as AM and FM radio all in the same location. Rich learned the lay of the land by doing live radio broadcasts around the Mahoning Valley in Rollin’ Radio. He also hosted the long running “Money Movie” for its final seven years and to this day, still has viewers sharing their favorite memories of the show.

He helped develop and is the original weatherman on First News this Morning which began in 1992. Throughout his tenure he’s served as the weathercaster on First News at Noon.

Rich says, “I’ve enjoyed spending so much time on the air and in person with listerners and viewers in the Valley. Thanks for sharing your time with me.”