AKRON, Ohio (WKBN) – There’s something to be said for a store that’s not just an average retail space but more of a destination. That’s precisely the kind of store Wayside Furniture is.

Wayside Furniture has been in Akron for 86 years and is a family-run business that truly believes in its customers and products. You’ll find anything from sofas and living room sets to bedroom suites, dining room sets, baby furniture and Amish furniture. It’s also made up of three different buildings.

“We have a building that’s just dedicated to our entry-level products that we call our clearance outlet,” said Wayside Owner and President John Ferrato. “We have our main building, and then we have our Amish building, which also features a cafe inside. Between all three buildings, you have 125,000 square feet.”

All of that space and inventory means there’s something for just about everyone with a uniqueness you won’t find in other stores.

“Product-wise, we really do have soup to nuts,” said Ferrato. “I mean anything from entry-level products to our Amish building that has hand-crafted $10,000 bedrooms and dining rooms. We do really well with custom orders.”

But Wayside Furniture isn’t just a business that sells products; it’s also famous for giving back to the community.

“We’ve given away thousands of cribs in Northeast Ohio,” said Ferrato. “And we don’t do Black Friday. We have an annual after-Thanksgiving event where we match anybody’s donation up to $100 to their favorite charity, and we do that until we raise $200,000.”

Wayside Furniture also isn’t suffering from shipping or inflation issues like many other stores. It also takes pride in its delivery service which travels up to an hour and a half away. When you pay for delivery service, Wayside Furniture will bring it into your home assembled and take care of you long after the sale.

Wayside Furniture is located at 1367 Canton Road in Akron. Call (330) 733-6221 and visit them online at Wayside-Furniture.com.