Watch: Founder of Black-owned, multimedia fitness platform talks about her business’ success


Dr. Vicki Doe talks about her career, business and why she loves what she does

(WKBN) – Dr. Vicki Doe is an unstoppable woman to say the least. She has a podcast, she teaches and has grown her business from a small fitness studio in the the Valley, to a much larger audience online.

Doe is a “three-time graduate” of Kent State University. Not only is she an alumni, but has also taught classes at the University.

She has taught Exercise Physiology courses, but has even dabbled in teaching a few dance classes as well.

Doe has a background in dance, which is one of the things that inspired her to pursue her degree in Exercise Physiology.

Doe says that the growth didn’t happen overnight and that it took a team of individuals with various skill sets to make this business platform, a reality. One of the keys to that success was working with the younger generation. She encourages those that want to study Exercise Physiology in college to expand their knowledge beyond research or working in an office.

On the Vicki Doe Fitness website, you can access a plethora of health and wellness information. There are tons of articles, written by various experts and Doe’s podcast, “It’s All About Health & Fitness”, which she co-hosts with infectious disease specialist Dr. Virginia Dee Banks-Bright.

Also online, you can enroll in the Vicki Doe Fitness Boot Camp. This paid course takes you step by step through your weight loss journey. This includes workout videos, nutrition tips, live coaching and so much more.

Doe says that her philosophy is about holistic care. This means addressing the mental health aspects of health with the physical aspects. Weight loss is not a one-dimensional journey, but one that includes living a well-rounded life.

Though Doe runs a business, most things on her website are free to access. For more help with things like weight loss or other health problems you want addressed, you can do consultations with Doe to help maintain accountability.

The website is a great tool to combat disparities amongst class and other factors when it comes to access to health care and health education. Doe knows that though she runs a business, it is important to give people who may not have access to health education a place to find information.

If you want to find out more information on the services offered at Vicki Doe Fitness you can visit her website or call (330) 554-822. You can fill out a form online for a free consultation online as well.

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