AUSTINTOWN, Ohio – If you’ve always wanted to get that unique tattoo or piercing, it’s time to make it happen with a local business full of creativity and lots of experience.

Twisted Metal Tattoo on Raccoon Road in Austintown specializes in tattoos and piercings, but there’s so much more behind it.

“Most of the time people come in, they have a picture on the phone they’re showing us,” said owner Tim Adair. “I would say we try to take people’s ideas and turn them into something original based off our creativity and the elements they want in the tattoo. So we can give you something special that no one else has.”

Adair has been working at it for eleven years with a staff of twelve people who can help you with your tattoo or your piercing. And you can also just walk in no matter what you’re looking for.

“Not only do we do the bigger pieces, but you can come in and set up an appointment that are more elaborate. Even for the walk-ins, you can come in and get something that’s more of a custom drawing instead of just a piece of flash that’s already prepared. So we try with the amount of people we have and the skill to really cater to everybody’s needs,” said Adair.

Twisted Metal Tattoo also has a broad clientele.

“We get the people that come in all the time to just want small, quick little things,” said Adair. “They like to get little handwriting, little small symbols. We also get a lot of stuff that’s, you know, bigger, like I said, bigger elaborate pieces. Just many sessions, you know, a lot of detail involved.”

Twisted Metal Tattoo is located at 1698 S. Raccoon Road, #6, in Austintown. Call (330) 397-3090 and visit them on Facebook and Instagram.