1. What services does Alleycat Spay and Neuter Clinic offer? 

Answer: Alleycat Spay and Neuter Clinic offers Spay and neuter services for dogs, cats, and potbelly pigs and we also provide preventative care such as vaccines, heartworm/Lyme testing, FeLV/FIV testing, flea prevention, heartworm prevention, Nail trimming, and more. Alleycat offers Spay and Neuter appointments Monday-Thursday, and we also have walk-in vaccine clinics every Tuesday between 2-4 pm and every Thursday between 4-6 pm.

2. Who can utilize Alleycats services? 

Answer: Everyone and anyone can utilize our services, there are no income requirements, or location requirements. We provide services to any pet owner that would like to utilize our preventative care and spay and neuter services. We have clients and pets from Ohio, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania. We work with many groups as well such as Humane Societies, rescues, and shelters.

3. What is a typical appointment like for a pet, how does a client get started to utilize your services?

Answer: for spay and neuter appointments typically how the day is planned is after an appointment is scheduled for your pet you and your pet will arrive the morning of your appointment between 7:30 am-9 am, this is drop off as your pet will be staying with us for the day, your pet will remain in our care until your pick up time that same evening generally between 4-5 pm, while they are with us they are being monitored prior, during, and after their procedure until they are back with you. Anyone can call to get scheduled for an appointment for spay and neuter during our normal business hours which are Monday-Wednesday 7:30 am-5 pm and Thursday between 7:30-6 pm, or we also have online scheduling available at www.alleycatvet.com where you can pick your date and fill out your information directly online! For utilizing our walk-in vaccine clinic services no appointment is necessary, clients simply are able to come to the clinic every Tuesday between 2-4 pm and every Thursday between 4-6 pm with their pet and opt to receive the services they need such as vaccines, testing, Nail trims, and more! When clients arrive they will check in with staff then once it is your turn your pet will be taken to the treatment by a technician for their services and to see the doctor.

4. What makes Alleycat so different from a full-service veterinary clinic?

Answer: since Alleycat is not a full-service clinic we always recommend building a relationship with a full-service veterinary clinic, the reason we are able to continue to provide our services at as low of a cost as possible to clients is that we are able to eliminate certain costs that a full-service clinic has to endure as we are trying to streamline our services to a specific need for pets and their owners. We do not have full diagnostic equipment that full-service clinics have and need as we do not treat all medical concerns that can arise from owning a pet or accidents, this allows us to provide low-cost quality care in providing a specific service to pets and owners. This is also why we do not see sick exams or emergency/accidents or injuries.

5. What are the typical prices for spaying and neutering?

Answer: go over spay and neuter pricing lists, full pricing can be seen on our website

Feline Spay (female): $55.00, Feline Neuter (male): $45.00, Canine Spay 2-39 lb: $100.00Canine Spay 40-74 lb: $120.00, Canine Spay 75-99 lb: $130.00, Canine Spay 100-119 lb: $140.00, Canine Spay 120 lb and up: $155.00, Canine Neuter 2-39 lb: $75.00, Canine Neuter 40-74 lb: $85.00, Canine Neuter 75-99 lb: $105.00, Canine Neuter 100-119 lb : $115.00, Canine Neuter 120 lb & up: $130.00

6. Are there any additional programs to help clients and pets even further if needed?

Answer: yes! There are times where we are able to provide additional low-cost spay and neuter programs/rabies clinics, how we are able to do this is we work with a non-profit organization called Alleycat Charities, this charity is an all volunteer-based organization that raises funds through multiple outlets such as grants, fundraisers, and a local thrift store that proceeds benefit the low-cost spay and neuter programs! When these programs are available they are posted on social media outlets, and flyers are posted in our building and local stores as well. These programs are limited of course as It is based on the funding available, but the charity is constantly working on raising funds, and of course, we have wonderfully dedicated volunteers who do a fantastic job on keeping the thrift store organized, so be sure to try to stop out at the East Palestine thrift store, or if you are looking to donate items for the thrift store always feel free to call the clinic office at 330-892-8985, as we are happy to accept donations!