CAMPBELL, Ohio (WKBN) – Imagine a classroom with students learning to build something with tools while learning how to address socio-emotional and real-world issues.

Such a classroom exists in Campbell. The Community Literacy Workforce Cultural Center at Campbell city schools focuses on building and sustaining a regional ecosystem designed to serve both the students and the broader community by aligning and leveraging resources to improve Mahoning Valley residents’ education, knowledge, skills, health and beyond.

Students participate in what’s called cross-curricular project-based learning. They’re building a board game using basic tools and more extensive ones like 3-D Printers. Students are given the materials but have to figure much of the rest out on their own.

And it’s not just about the physical process of building. Ralf Urbach is the Director of Stem and Manufacturing for the Community Literacy Workforce Cultural Center. He says, “Every day we are tasked with something that doesn’t go right. The question here in the classroom is ‘how do you get through that’? Real-world problems are introduced into the classroom.”

Professionals also visit the school so students can learn about opportunities in welding, manufacturing, trades and technology. The center is open to everybody and can be contacted at (330)799-6842. You can also visit them online at