CANFIELD, Ohio (WKBN) – Painful foot issues can be more than just a passing bother, especially if you suffer from diabetes. Dr. Joseph Barak of Barak Podiatry in Canfield says one of the most important issues people with diabetes need to deal with is neuropathy.

“Usually with diabetics, they develop a condition called neuropathy in which they get numbness and tingling in their feet,” said Dr. Barak. “If you start feeling that numbness and tingling, it’s important that you come in to get evaluated. At that point, if I determine you do have that condition, we’ll get you on the right treatment course so the condition doesn’t get worse.”

Dr. Barak says treating certain foot conditions can be as easy as wearing the right socks and shoes.

“Most insurance companies, especially with Medicare and Medicaid have a program where once a year you are allowed to get one pair of diabetic shoes along with three pairs of orthotics,” said Dr. Barak. “They do that so they can stop any type of progression of the issue that can lead to other types of conditions.”

So what should you be watching for when it comes to your own feet whether you have diabetes or not?

“Look for discoloration on your feet. Redness or purpleness on your toes,” said Dr. Barak. “Look for any type of sores on your feet or a cut that wasn’t there before or an excessively larger callous formation. Watch for the thickening of your toenails or blood underneath that wasn’t there before. Watch for out-of-the-ordinary pain. These can all indicate an issue.”

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