BOARDMAN, Ohio (WKBN) – A spiritual journey is very personal and unique to every individual, but sometimes people need some help along the way.

That’s where Orion’s Realm in Boardman comes in.

Orion’s Realm aims to give anyone and everyone a “whole new metaphysical experience” with many different tools to help progress on a spiritual journey. Things like crystals for energetic needs, guidance from higher realms, and even a singing bowl meant to balance and clear the vibrations around you.

Orion’s Realm crystals are ethically sourced crystals from mines and geological sites all around the world. There are more than 1000 varieties of crystals, minerals and fossils, all carefully selected and vetted by the team to ensure the highest ethical sourcing standards.

“If your mood is all over the place, crystals can steady your vibration,” said Shannon Robinson, owner and operator of Orion’s Realm. “So, you could have quartz which has a very steadying vibration.”

And different crystals do different things.

“We have crystals that can help with migraines and insomnia. We also carry an herbal ‘pain potion’,” said Robinson. “We have ones that can penetrate your aura while you sleep to help regulate your mood and hormones. Even ones to speed up manifestations.”

Orion’s Realm also offers Reiki which Robinson calls another form of healing.

“Reiki works similarly to how the crystal works. Through vibration,” said Robinson. “But it’s healing with the hands. The Reiki Master or practitioner is going to channel white light energy from source. The source of everything we all have different names for. It works on balancing the chakras to help with mental emotional and physical health.”

Orion’s Realm also offers psychic readings and often features guest readers, but has two regular mediums on staff. There are also featured classes and events planned throughout the month.

Orion’s Realm is located at 7684 Market St Suite #3 in Boardman, Ohio. For more information call (330) 953-1400 and visit them online to shop and request a reading at