The Importance of Gathering:

One of the most important things we do in the funeral home is bring people together to mourn. There are several reasons we do this; not only out of respect to the person who died, or to show support for the family of the deceased, but to gather as human beings to face the grief of a life that is now over. Death is a harsh reality we all must face as living beings who have the ability to love. Along with the ability to love comes the responsibility to grieve and that responsibility must not be taken lightly.

Although grief takes many forms, gathering as a group to do so is not only beneficial but vital. When someone we love passes away, they take a part of us with them. Anytime we lose a part of ourselves, whether physically or emotionally it hurts. But, when those emotional losses are shared with others, we see that we all hurt the same way.

All human beings with the ability to love, grieve what we love when it’s gone. It’s vital to not only face that grief head-on, but to do so in a group of those folks, grieving the same loss. The old saying “there’s power in numbers” is never more true than now.