The biggest health complaints today are pain, lack of energy, and poor sleep. Naturopathic care provides help for people suffering from these issues. Ohio Naturopathic Wellness Center has been helping people in the Mahoning Valley for nearly 20 years to achieve a level of health that allows them to not only do what they want with their lives but have the energy to fully enjoy it.

Many people suffer from pain, including headaches and chronic pain from an injury. Acupuncture is a safe, effective, and proven method for pain relief.  It does not lead to addictive disorders and is free from side effects.  In their first session, most patients get pain relief. Then, through a series of acupuncture sessions, the underlying cause of the pain can be healed, which eliminates the pain long-term. So, instead of being trapped in a perpetual cycle of covering up the pain, you have a way out. A life of moving better, feeling better, peace of mind, and more energy.

Low energy is a common problem and is very frustrating to deal with. At Ohio Naturopathic Wellness Center, Dr. Ted Suzelis, ND gets to the root cause of feeling tired, exhausted and having no energy, including evaluating and addressing vitamin deficiencies, diet, hormones, and genetics.

Lack of good, quality sleep is also a common problem. It may seem that the easy solution is to take a sleeping pill. You may fall asleep, but you still haven’t addressed the underlying reasons why you’re not sleeping, including dips in blood sugar, anxiety, or hormonal imbalances. Dr. Suzelis addresses these root issues and he can provide simple solutions that give you long-term relief and a good nights’ sleep for years.

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