COLUMBIANA, Ohio (WKBN) – If you’re looking to get into hunting, getting a firearm, training, and a concealed carry license, security items and more, it can be daunting figuring out where to begin.

KRS Guns and its experienced and knowledgeable owners in Columbiana will give you the best start as a lot more goes into choosing a firearm than one might think.

“The first thing we start off with is finding out what you would like to do with the firearm,” said Jake Kellner, owner and operator of KRS Guns. “Is it for concealed carry? Home defense? Are you going hunting? Then we will try to pick a gun that fits you. Something comfortable to hold that fits in your hand and fits into the caliber range you are looking for and your budget.”

KRS Guns truly takes the time to make sure you get what you want and need when it comes to picking out a gun while featuring several brands like Smith & Wesson, Colt, Magpul and so much more.

“Different hand sizes, shapes, the way you hold a gun, if you’re right or left-handed, which eye-dominant you are,” said Kellner. “All of those things play a different role in being able to pick a gun that’s right for you.”

And KRS Guns isn’t just a place for men.

“We have a line of concealed carry merchandise here specifically designed for women all made in the USA,” said Erin Sheader of KRS Guns. “Sometimes for women with the different types of clothes and outfits we wear, it’s harder for us to conceal and carry than men. I have a full line of wearable clothing like leggings, bra holsters, and universal waistband holsters you can wear under skirts and dresses. It makes it way easier for women to conceal and carry even if you’re active, jogging, running, and all of that type of stuff.”

Sheader says the clothing line is comfortable, breathable and machine washable too. Something else growing in popularity at KRS Guns is called Hydrodipping.

“We can take any item that you can submerge in water and put a film coating on it. That’s what Hydrodipping is,” said Kellner. “We go through a full process and everything to make the paint stick with a clear coating on top to give it a wearability coating on the exterior of it. We do everything from firearms, car parts, motorcycle parts, exercise equipment and a little bit of everything and anything.”

KRS Guns can also do custom paint jobs as well.

When it comes to keeping your guns secure, KRS Guns keeps safety top of mind with the best equipment for that as well like the electronic Browning Safe that holds 17 guns. There are large safes along with small ones that fit under the bed or on a nightstand. KRS Guns also carries a full line of ammunition and has sales on larger quantities of things.

Other products you can find at KRS Guns include airguns, cleaning supplies, eye, ear and body protection, knives, tools, optics, non-lethal defense, camping supplies and so much more.

KRS Guns is located at 325 Industrial Drive in Columbiana. Call (330) 870-5095 and visit them online at