SALEM, Ohio (WKBN) – It’s an important year for Medicare as the annual enrollment period kicked off October 15 and lasts through December 7. But there are special enrollment periods many don’t take advantage of.

“This year with some of the network disruptions we are having in the area, it’s really important for folks to make sure they can continue seeing their doctor,” said Jim Myers, managing partner of Myers Family Insurance. “And to not assume they know everything or how Medicare works.”

Myers says people could lose benefits because of the disruption.

“If you have certain things scheduled, you may be able to get a continuity of coverage from the insurance company, but that doesn’t mean the provider has to take it,” said Myers. “And vice versa, the provider could say they will keep honoring this and the insurance company can say they won’t pay for it.”

Myers advises looking at those things to ease your mind so that you’ll still be able to see the doctors and get the necessary procedures. He says it’s challenging to look at a plan on paper and truly understand it.

“Until you sit down with someone and have a conversation about the prescriptions you take, the pharmacy you use, or what procedures you have coming up is important,” said Myers. “You need to break down those costs and look at how that plan is going to cover it for the next year.”

Myers says that even if you weren’t hit by the major network disruption, it’s still important to discuss your plan with an expert. He says Myers Family Insurance takes the time to look across a spectrum of plans for you to figure out the right fit. And though the service is free, when you meet with Mers Family Insurance, make sure you’re prepared.

“What’s important when you meet with us is that you have your list of prescriptions, your list of doctors and that red, white and blue Medicare card,” said Myers. “Most people on an advantage plan haven’t used it for years. In order to switch your plan for you, that is the information we are going to need.”

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