POLAND, Ohio (WKBN) – We all want to combat aging and feel better even though we’re growing older. One of the ways to do this is by using CBD supplements.

Sapphire Essentials is a brand founded by a leading gerontologist and nationally recognized healthy aging expert Dr. Jim Collins of Poland. Collins also authored the book “Living Longer and Stronger With CBD”. His goal after 32 years remains the same: help people age better and maximize their quality of life.

“CBD is a phenomenal anti-inflammatory agent and is also great for mental health as well,” said Dr. Collins. “CBD is what’s called a neuro-protectant and helps to reduce stress and anxiety. But I do want everyone to know, it’s not a cure-all. CBD cures nothing and if anyone ever says that it’s a false claim.”

Dr. Collins says he makes no false claims and is in the business of helping older adults over age 50 with his Sapphire Essentials products. They’re all natural and organically grown and are a natural alternative to prescription drugs. The products are affordable while providing the highest quality CBD products for the people who need them most. Sapphire Essential products are also THC-Free as they’re derived from the hemp plant and are not medical marijuana.

For more information call (330) 707-1691 and visit the website at Sapphire-Essentials.com.